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Avoid Suffering from TMJ

with the NTI Bite splint

It's perfectly normal to clench your jaws when you sleep. We all do from time to time -- even during normal sleep cycles. Sometimes, during stressful times in our lives, clenching and grinding can cause problems.  Abnormal wear on the teeth, migraine headaches, TMJ discomfort and even fracturing teeth can occur if severe clenching is not stopped.

At each recare visit, we will check for signs and symptoms of excessive clenching and grinding. Dr. Sundt offers the NTI that greatly reduces clenching intensity.  The NTI is a small, nearly invisible, removable device that you'll wear when you're asleep.

Unlike the traditional mouthpiece with a flat surface, the NTI is a custom-fitted device that prevents the tooth surfaces from ever coming into intense contact. By preventing high intensity contact, you also eliminate high intensity clenching - and the muscular irritation that leads to migraine pain, TMJ, and chronic headaches.

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